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( Jun. 29th, 2017 12:04 pm)
Internet access is still best described as random. Neighbors moved into a house where a little apricot tree had been planted to replace a poor flowering tree that came down with some disease. This year after all the nice rain, its branches are all bent to the ground with fruit. They really need to harvest.
The latest consumer of the catfood on the porch appears to be another tabby. Flees at the sight of us. I hope the mostly white kitty has been taken to a new home by his/her people.
A single small fluffy cloud in the blue sky to the south as I loaded up the washing line.
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( Jun. 25th, 2017 06:26 am)
Killed a roach during my lunch break.
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( Jun. 24th, 2017 10:26 am)
I see that the neighbors have finished off their new fence with a matching sliding gate at the mouth of their driveway; they had to take down most of the plants they'd trained up the outside of the wall to give it room to slide, and it is maybe one millimeter from the tail of the sea otter on the remaining stone gatepost. It looks imposing but I suspect the next quake is going to trap their cars inside. And it's puzzling—is it our prying eyes they are so afraid of? Because one cotoneaster their workmen sawed off was blocking the view from our porch; from the top of the steps I now have an uninterrupted view of their kitchen window.
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( Jun. 23rd, 2017 11:49 am)
Friday and the internet is still intermittent at best. I was lucky for most of Tuesday, but even so it kept going down briefly.
On Wednesdays I almost always miss the bus and wind up taking the express that comes along much later. I get off at the express stop before work, a couple of stops short. Sometimes I can see the next 22 in the distance and wait for it, but usually I wind up beating the feet past the towering cliffs of apartments that have replaced the little garden center, the row of furniture stores west of it, the fast-food dosa place, and the consignment car lot, and after that across the expressway. The creek still runs in its concrete channel east of where the garden center was; in the mornings I can see that the purple-flowered morning glory they planted still spills down the slope on that side, but of course that eerily beautiful South American spiky tree that flowered in November is gone. Walking across the bridge that carries El Camino over the creek, I've been hearing a noise like distant loudspeakers. As if there was some sporting event going on in the distance. I finally realized it must be frogs. Last night there was almost no sound. Stay safe, froggies.
It was suitably hot for Midsummer. I blóted in the yard before going to bed and trying to sleep.
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( Jun. 20th, 2017 07:31 pm)
After a year, the other neighbors suddenly decided to finish the re-fencing job by putting up a 6-foot privacy fence where there was once a dilapidated picket fence and a cinderblock wall. Much of our catoneaster got chainsawed.
Still hot. The wretched VTA reversed the scheduling of the two buses, except at night: the 22, still heavily used but whose riders they appear not to want, now runs less often than the new blue 522s, which continue to be fairly empty and to not hew to their schedule. This morning as I waited in the already hot sun, two 522s sailed past me in quick succession, then a third, before a crammed 22 eventually appeared.
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( Jun. 18th, 2017 02:28 pm)
Today it is flaming hot—our exterior thermometer says 108, the weather service says 100 in the hills in Los Altos, and when we left the house for the weekly shopping trip, the skinny old ginger tom was lying under the front of the car with his feet sticking out.
It's ant season. I come upon pools of ants on the sidewalk. The cat dish is full of ants in the morning, adding to the fun of retrieving it; the white cat is tame enough that she usually just nudges it to one side a bit as she devours the contents, but when someone else reached it first or they had a fight over it—one morning I found tufts of white and cream-colored fur scattered across the porch—it may be all the way over under the chair in the corner, or down among the roots of the bushes below.
Continuing internet outages. I sit in my room trying to catch it being up so I can read the latest about the awful fire in London. Heat not improving my mood, but on a couple of occasions I've stomped off to bed early and actually managed to fall asleep.
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( Jun. 18th, 2017 02:17 pm)
This was the day the temperatures really started to climb. All of a sudden, real summer heat.
All of a sudden, no white kitty. Instead I catch glimpses of a little tabby. The street is apparently becoming more evenly divided between cats and dogs. I hope the white kitty is ok.
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( Jun. 18th, 2017 02:12 pm)
The internet has been like a yo yo when it isn't being like a dead fish. Hence my silence.
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( Jun. 12th, 2017 11:18 pm)
Still cooler than usual during the day—we waste heating leaving the door open for the dog—and chilly at night. I'm glad of it, and the days are so beautiful I keep feeling I should be walking in the hills or something, but it's odd.
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( Jun. 11th, 2017 10:28 am)
On the way home from the bus yesterday, I saw a troll lying in the gutter. I set her (? - the heart-shaped purple belly-button gem and remnants of a purple hair rinse suggest femaleness to me) on her feet at the base of the closest tree but she was still there when I passed by again after returning a library book, so she came home with me and got the tree bits rinsed out of her hair.

Here she is beside a couple of the smaller purple flowers in the back yard.

and inside with my smallest potted plant.

gallivantin' on the porch.

and helping me with some research; displaying the wart on her nose.

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( Jun. 10th, 2017 10:58 am)
A sunny day with a brisk breeze; beach weather. I wonder what the water's like at Santa Cruz. The cat food dish is now getting polished clean, and in addition to the white cat who is sometimes waiting right outside the door, I've seen the tiny calico (she looks as if she's wearing urban camo) hanging around at the bottom of the porch steps. She's terrified of me.
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( Jun. 9th, 2017 12:53 pm)
Light rain was starting as the long-suffering housemate drove me to the bus stop, and when I got off the bus it was real blustery rain. It appears to have rained most of the night, and as a result it was a quiet night, mainly enlivened by one guy repeatedly trying to hang out without spending any money. The third time he spent a dollar. I am very glad of the unseasonable rain, and it makes up for having to waste water stocking it up in all the largest cooking pots in the house because they suddenly announced we would have no water for 4 hours yesterday while a leaking main was repaired. That water got slopped on plants once the pipes were working again.