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( Jul. 13th, 2017 11:16 am)
Managed to get the verse posted by seizing the moment when we briefly had internet - and that was pretty much it. No internet since (and no chance to jump on at work). So I'm at the public library right now. I'll take a pic of the troll to mark the event.
I'm getting a lot of depressing books read. Subjects have included:

* America's history of rotten elections
* American college athletes raping women and being indulged in the habit
* An expert in dogs trying to figure out how humans can reawaken their sense of smell (actually I read that one in bed; it's soporific)
* The AIDS battle, revisited by a different gay journalist
* The downfall of the Wehrmacht in 1943; I may abandon this one
* Oh, and one of the Frank Miller Sin City graphic novels
I hiked to the high-tech shoe store to replace my high-tech innersoles. I could see the hills, but there was a peculiar blue-grey haze in the air. Unable to receive e-mails, I probably chose the one bad air day in the week for the exertion. However, feet are now good for another year.