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( Jul. 7th, 2017 05:08 am)
Arrived at work in a light-weight t-shirt; a/c had been fixed. Not only that, we have a new mop bucket and a new music player (playing music while working is one of the Rules) that is so huge it has to live on top of the mini-fridge and is startlingly loud; after figuring out how to dial up the oldies station I have it on 7 rather than 11 and it was still loud enough that I can now tell the station now does interminable ads and other mumbling and laughing until midnight. The door alarm is still busy wearing out though; I had to fix it with sticky tape after a guy wandered in totally unannounced. And we've lost our weekday janitor. Word is he's to be replaced with two half-timers, so both the mornings and the evenings get covered.


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