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( Mar. 25th, 2017 01:18 pm)
I had real problems getting up last night and was running awfully late: the housemate drove me to the bus stop but it was already time for the bus. As I turned away from the car, I saw the thing had already passed the bus stop and was heading for the corner. I staggered towards it waving my bus pass, and he flashed his lights and kept going through the intersection .... and came to a halt right after it. Unfortunately he'd run a yellow light and now it was red. So I looked at the lights of oncoming cars in the distance and scuttled across the road anyway, then hauled myself shamefacedly on board. Meanwhile the housemate was turning around in the convenience store parking lot and apparently didn't even notice the bus, let alone this demonstration of chivalry and desperation.

Then at work I had to babysit a troublesome customer all night and after finding bad stuff tucked under the seat in one booth he'd used, knelt and checked under the seats in all of them. My take included a hypodermic, two lighters, a very used paper towel, and numerous lube sachets that probably hadn't all been paid for. The janitor's been out for two days so it's possible the particular customer wasn't to blame for any of this, but I wasn't born yesterday.


weofodthignen: selfportrait with Rune the cat (Default)

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