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( Mar. 3rd, 2017 11:06 am)
Headquarters has changed the system for the movies that are showing in the booths. We now get a box of DVDs every week - but we aren't allowed to sell them, instead they come to us from another store in the chain and have to be packaged up and sent on to the next store at week's end. (Another bit of money for the shipping company.) On top of that, after two weeks of that system it's been further modified: they're no longer playing on DVD players in the back room, but from USB sticks. So that's another lot of electronics to go bad, especially if the power goes out, but at least we're no longer nursing 59 old DVD players. Sadly, we're losing sales to the guys who like to buy straight from the new lot. We still get new DVDs but they're immediately available for rental, plus they can't sample them all first in the booth. I guess this is online porn impinging on the biz.


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