Having to extract guys from booths at 3:00 is really onerous. I know there's no way around it, and it's good to be able to otherwise stay open, but it often takes more than 5 minutes and it's usually acrimonious. And there's almost always someone who pounds on the door during the half hour the place is closed.
The slugs are back. There were hardly any last year.
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( Feb. 28th, 2017 04:35 pm)
Pretty sun yesterday, and again today although the morning started off with frost on the grass, so I put out washing on the line for the first time this year and did a complete mowing of the main sections of grass in the backyard. It was long enough that I expected to come upon a languid black panther by le douanier Rousseau, and it was time-consuming work, disconnecting the power and clearing the underside of the mower after every couple of passes, and scooping up the dog poops that had been hidden in the depths. But the green-waste bin is almost full now and the lawn is ready for another few inches of rain.


weofodthignen: selfportrait with Rune the cat (Default)
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